Tuesday, 23 August 2016

To Do List 15


How are we? I have just got in work after a 3 day weekend - total relaxing weekend which was just what the Doc ordered! I was a bit immobile after falling down the stairs at work in my mad rush to get out of the door! Just battered and bruised so didn't get as much sewing done as I hoped! Another 3 day weekend looms and I am super poor so a weekend of sewing it is!! Not complaining too much.

So here is what I have got done in the last week:

9. Taped kids xmas present pattern and cut out

Cashmerette Springfield
33. Blogged V1, V2 and V3
V4 - Elephant
34. Sewn Together
35. Edges bound
36. Hemmed
V5 - Bright flower
53.Sewn Together
54.  Edges bound
55. Hemmed
V6 - Navy flower
48. Sewn together
I have bound this all wrong, it needs ripping out and starting again, it would have been finished if I wasn't an idiot!!

Only managed 9 out of 131 - 6.9% - totally rubbish really - here is to this week and I have a bit of motivation today so fingers crossed I can hammer it through.

You will notice I have added Christmas presents on here, I am really glad I have as I have realised just how many I have to do! I love a homemade Christmas so if I can get as much as possible out of the way then I will feel better!

You will notice the Simple Sew Blogger addition...more to come on that asap!


Thanks for reading as always! Have a great week and an even better loooong weekend!
Kristy xxx

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  1. oh poor you! i hope you're feeling better :) good luck with your to-do list!


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