Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Fabric Shopping 6

Hello Lovelies,

I am back from a lovely break, Benidorm was much nicer than expected I have to say! I feel nice and relaxed and ended the week with a fabric shopping trip....

I had such a nice day on Saturday at the fabric shopping meet up I organised through The Foldline - there was about 20 of us, totally crazy!

Anyway I went a bit mad! Oooops! But it is sooooooooo cheap that I didn't spend much! Bonus.

Here are my spoils:

From The Textile Centre:

A soft viscose (I think!) 2m at £2.20/m

Not sure what this is, either cotton or a poly but it is gorgeous, £2.75/m and again bought 2
 The Man Outside Sainsburys:

A seersucker gingham, 2m at £3/m
I don;t know the name of the shops I bought these from!

Again, no idea of composition but it is lovely and drapey but not very wide, bought 3m at £1.50 a metre

Very creased and again I think its viscose - £1 (!!!!) a metre and I got the last 2m

I think this is the bargain of the day! One of the ladies (Amanda I think) was telling me she bought the exact same jersey at John Lewis for A LOT more than the £1/m here - I bought this as muslin fabric really but it is gorgeous and much higher quality than a lot of the jersey fabrics I wear regular - think I need to buy the Cashmerette tshirt pattern ASAP!
In other news, after a very long 8 months of unemployment my other half has been offered a job - WOOOO! Very nice ending to a long week off of back to the grindstone!

I have a couple of posts to write so I think you will see a bit more of me over this week...

Kristy xxx


  1. Aha, did you have lunch at The Chequers? I thought the group at the long table by the window was a sewing group meet-up, but I was too shy to ask!

    1. We did! You should have come over! Have a look through the foldline website and sign up, I am organising a fabric/pattern swap in june :)

  2. Nice fabrics! Slightly jealous as haven't been able to get up to Walthamstow to add to my fabric stash.

    1. Next time you fancy a trip then give me a shout! More than happy to come along! :)


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