Friday, 13 May 2016

To Do List

Happy Friday!

I was just sat thinking of my nice non-interrupted weekend ahead of me and what I want to get done. I started writing a list in my head but I felt the need to write it down (mainly so I can tick it off!) and I thought I would make the list official by publishing it on here! I may make this a regular feature - if I remember!

I love lists, I write them at work ALL the time but I don't seem to write them at home as much, I am hoping this means if I cross some off I will feel a bit more accomplished. At the same time sewing is for pleasure so I don't want too many deadlines! I like breaking down tasks into managable chunks which obviously creates a very long list of 'To Do's' but crossing them off is soooo satisfying!

    1. Add button holes to V2 of Seamwork Osaka
    2. Sew button holes onto V2 of Seamwork Osaka
    3. Photograph V2 of Seamwork Osaka
    4. Blog V2 of Seamwork Osaka
    5. Update costs (fabric and wardrobe) pages
    6. Finish cutting Cashmerette Concord
    7. Sew up Cashmerette Concord
    8. Cut up fabric for cushion covers
    9. Sew up cushion covers
    10. Buy cushion inserts
    11. Hem the Tilly and the Buttons Miette Skirt that is lurking in the back of the wardrobe
    12. Wear the Miette Skirt for my #MMMay16 pledge
    13. Refashion charity shop skirt
    14. Photograph charity shop refashion
    15. Blog charity shop refashion
    16. Tidy/clean out my sewing storage box
    17. Tidy and refold fabric stash draw - decide what to take to the Fabric swap I am organising through The Foldline
    18. Tidy up patterns/book shelf - decide what to take to the swap 
    19. Book a venue for the fabric swap
    20. Rip apart the second hand leather coat I bought to use the leather
    21. Finish the fabric basket and mat for my mum - same as what I made for Mothers Day presents
    22. Sew up V5 of Colette Laurel
    23. Sew up V6 of Colette Laurel
    24. Photograph V5 and V6 Colette Laurel
    25. Blog V5 and V6 Colette Laurel
    26. Make the first muslin of the Pussy Bow Blouse from issue 26 of Love Sewing
    27. Make some summer skirts
    28. Sort through scrap bag to see if actually usable pieces in there 
    29. Plan what to make for friends baby girl (deadline for final pieces 18th June)
This is all I can rattle out right now, I am sure this will change when I see some pretty fabric...

Have a productive weekend everyone :)


  1. Oh my goodness, there's ambition for you. You are so organised. I have lists for weekends but they tend to be of the sort that goes like this-
    1. Make dress.
    (this includes finding where on earth I have stashed the pattern for dress, same for the fabric, discovering I do not have matching or right kind of thread, likewise zip and interfacing or machine needle, finding my shape has changed since last made one like this or discovering I really need to make a toile for this, realising I need to pre-wash the fabric- and this is even before I have tried to lay out the fabic for cutting and attempted to get the grain straight to do so)
    2. Get partner to help mark the hemming line - this is sometimes the most difficult bit because he usually has his own weekend tasks although this weekend he is poorly (hope I don't catch it) and therefore not available.
    Also there is never really anything such as a free weekend, something always crops up - such as a partner needing cossetting.
    Good luck with your list.

    1. haha you do well in getting some help with hemming! My partner wouldn't be helpful in that department!
      I am not aiming to get them all finished, I think it really helped though, I will be keeping it up so I think this will become a feature around here :)


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