Tuesday, 31 May 2016

To Do List 4

Hello There!

How was everyone's lovely long weekend? Mine was nice and relaxed, and not at all diet friendly but hey ho I had fun so you have to live eh?

I went to the zoo on Saturday, shopping Sunday (with very limited success and watched a mouse run around a shop for a couple of minutes) and then yesterday met with a lovely friend, had a few drinks and a YUM vietnamese meal (if you like Viet food and are in London I would HIGHLY recommend this place)

I haven't done too bad on the last to do list and managed to get quite a few ticked off:

Seamwork Osaka V2                                                  
1. Sew button holes
2. Sew on buttons

Concord tee 
6. Finish cutting

Charity Shop Refashion
11. Blog

Fabric Swap

12. Book Venue URGENT

Baby Girl Gifts

26. Handsew side
27. Add buttonholes
28. Add buttons
    29. Handsew side
    30. Add buttonholes
    31. Add buttons
      32. Handsew side
      33. Add buttonholes
      34. Add buttons
        35. Handsew side
        36. Add buttonholes
        37. Add buttons
          V2 Miette
          38. Sew up


          42. Tape pattern
          44. Cut lining fabric

          Ties for Richard

          49. Tape pattern

          21 out of 51 is not a bad effort!!

          I may have also cut a new delphine skirt too...ooops! 

          So here is week 4! Done in word and posted as a capture as Blogger really does not like formatting into columns

          Have a great week everyone! 
          Kristy xx

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