Monday, 23 May 2016

To Do List 3


Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend, mine was very relaxing, and definitely what was needed!

I am really enjoying this list making but can totally understand that others will find it boring to do a 'to do list' and a 'to do list review' each week so I will put up this weeks list today in hope that I will do something mid week and include a review of what I got done this weekend and hopefully this will allow me to do posts once a week and that be plenty!

I totally forgot I had bought this lovely notebook ages ago so this is where my to do list now lives when not in cyber world!

Things I got done:

8.Sew up 6 cushions
9.Buy cushion inserts

Unfortunately this is where the pictures stop! And I really should have tidied up the sofa a bit more!

10. Photograph charity shop refashion
14. Finished fabric mat for my mum
21. Picked pattern for baby girls gift
22. Printed pattern for baby girls gifts
23. Tape together pattern for baby girls gifts
24. Cut baby girls gifts (4 versions, just couldn't resist as was soooo cute!)
25. Sewed up V1, V2, V3, V4 of babies gifts
31. Print handbag Pattern
36. Find a tie pattern for Richard
37. Print Tie Pattern for Richard

So 12 out of 42 isn't too bad - and as I am breaking the list into detail it means I get to tick things off very quickly, it is so motivating! (Sad but true!)

So here is Week 3!

Seamwork Osaka V2                                                  

1. Sew button holes
2. Sew on buttons
3. Photograph
4. Blog
5. Update costs

Concord tee 

6. Finish cutting
7. Sew up
8. Photograph
9. Blog
10. Update costs

Charity Shop Refashion

11. Blog

Fabric Swap

12. Book Venue URGENT
13. Sort out patterns
14. Sort out fabric


15. Finish basket
16. Iron mat
17. Post to Momma

Laurel V5

18. Sew up
19. Photograph
20. Blog
21. Update costs

Laurel V6

22. Sew up
23. Photograph
24. Blog
25. Update Costs
Baby Girl Gifts

26. Handsew side
27. Add buttonholes
28. Add buttons
29. Handsew side
30. Add buttonholes
31. Add buttons
32. Handsew side
33. Add buttonholes
34. Add buttons
35. Handsew side
36. Add buttonholes
37. Add buttons
V2 Miette

38. Sew up
39. Photograph
40. Blog
41. Update costs


42. Tape pattern
43. Cut leather
44. Cut lining fabric
45. Sew
46. Photo
47. Blog
48. Update costs

Ties for Richard

49. Tape pattern
50. Cut practise
51. Sew practise

Next projects - not numbering these until I start them

  • Muslin Simplicity 1458 
  • Tape appleton dress pattern together
  • Muslin appleton
  • Muslin Megan
  • Muslin Pussy Bow
  • Muslin Simplicity 1364 (I may have bought this by accident!!!)
  • Summer skirts
  • Pajama bottoms - Tillys Margot pants
  • Think about xmas presents
  • Think about quiet books
  • Make bias binding out of scraps

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