Friday, 20 May 2016

To Do List 2

Happy Friday!

Not sure if this To Do List thingy is going to get lame, but it helps me so I am going to do it until I am bored or I simply just forget! If I have a busy weekend I probably won't be doing much but lets see how it goes!

This list has been in my drafts since Monday and as I keep getting ideas I am adding them, it is a good way to get them out of my head. It is also getting very detailed!

I am publishing this and realising just how tired I am today, maybe I won't get much done this weekend! But hey ho, here is my list!

  1. Add button holes to V2 of Seamwork Osaka
  2. Sew button holes onto V2 of Seamwork Osaka
  3. Photograph V2 of Seamwork Osaka
  4. Blog V2 of Seamwork Osaka
  5. Update costs (fabric and wardrobe) pages
  6. Finish cutting Cashmerette Concord
  7. Sew up Cashmerette Concord
  8. Sew up cushion covers
  9. Buy cushion inserts
  10. Photograph charity shop refashion
  11. Blog charity shop refashion
  12. Tidy up patterns/book shelf - decide what to take to the swap I am organising through The Foldline
  13. Book a venue for the fabric swap
  14. Finish the fabric basket and mat for my mum - same as what I made for Mothers Day presents
  15. Sew up V5 of Colette Laurel
  16. Sew up V6 of Colette Laurel
  17. Photograph V5 and V6 Colette Laurel
  18. Blog V5 and V6 Colette Laurel
  19. Make the first muslin of the Pussy Bow Blouse from issue 26 of Love Sewing
  20. Sort through scrap bag to see if actually usable pieces in there 
  21. Plan what to make for friends baby girl (deadline for final pieces 18th June)
  22. Print out some patterns for baby girl
  23. Tape together patterns for baby girl
  24. Cut baby girls gifts
  25. Sew baby girls gifts
  26. Sew up V2 Miette skirt
  27. Photograph V2 Miette skirt
  28. Blog V2 Miette skirt
  29. Update costs (fabric and wardrobe) pages
  30. Make a muslin of TATB Megan dress (I keep seeing amazing versions and think it will be flattering on me)
  31. Print handbag patterns
  32. Tape together handbag patterns
  33. Cut handbag
  34. Sew Handbag
  35. Start to plan quiet book gifts
  36. Find a tie pattern for Richard
  37. Print out tie pattern and instructions
  38. Make a practise version
  39. Scout for fabrics for ties for Richard
  40. Print Cashmerette Appleton
  41. Tape together Cashmerette Appleton (urgh - the Concord was 32 pages!!!)
  42. Cut Cashmerette Appleton muslin

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