Sunday, 12 June 2016

The Kind Of Circle Skirt...

On Friday I went to a 1950's and 1960's rock and roll dance party at Camden's Electric Ballroom run by a company called All Shook Up - and I have to say I had THE BEST night!!!

But what do you wear to this type of thing??? I didn't want to be in fancy dress but I wanted something 'themed'. I also didn't want to spend forever making something as I know I won't wear it lots again, so I turned to the Lindy Bop website (I was going to link but I received some absolutely shocking customer service so I don't want to!) and ordered a dress, and a jumper that caught my eye. I had ordered from them before with excellent delivery times so two weeks before the event I thought my lovely dress would arrive in time. The jumper arrived 10 days later with the dress just crossed out on the delivery note - tried calling multiple times and Facebook messages and emails with not a whisper out of them (they had taken the money for both items). So I started to panic - what can I make???

I loved the jumper and thought of the easiest thing I could that would go with it - a circle skirt.

I knew I didn't have enough fabric for a real circle so I found this tutorial for a gored skirt.

It involved maths:


And once I started cutting I realised I didn't even have enough fabric for this! Argh - I managed to get 5 gores and not 6 with some creative cutting, so I added some strips to one side of each gore.

I do not understand where my maths (or the formula) went wrong, I didn't try to understand the equations I just followed them but the waist was superduper huge so I sewed a chanel (in a different fabric) on the inside and threaded through some thick elastic.

It came to hemming, and this skirt had a LOT of I was super lazy:

Pinking shears!

And within 3 hours of starting to cut (and a bit of unpicking) I had a circle skirt that was not pretty close up but I think I managed to pull it off...

with the help of a petticoat from Amazon that delivered within 24 hours - thank you Prime!

Not sure how many times I will ever wear it again but it cost me £3.80 so never mind - and now I own a petticoat - yay!

Did you all have a nice weekend?

Thanks for reading,

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