Tuesday, 7 June 2016

The Foldline Fabric Swap

Wow, I had such a lovely day on Saturday and was completely overwhelmed by the amount of people (and fabric!) that turned up to the Fabric/Pattern Swap I organised through The Foldline!

I didn't managed to get any pictures but other did on instagram but I learned an important lesson for next time - NAME BADGES! With peoples real name and usernames on!

So here is what I took:

I cannot remember which patterns I threw in so what ever you see here is what is covered!
The fabrics in more detail are here:

These have been lingering on my Fabric Stash page for months and month and not being used, I didn't know what to use them for so off they went! And I do not regret it!

I picked up all of these lovelies...

So in order from left to right:

  • Turquoise polyester, I think about 2m, lovely drape
  • A white sheer chiffon with a (teeny bit itchy) silver stripe running through, about 4m (!)
  • A black (colour not great on this photo) very stretchy lace, I think about 1.5m
  • Another chiffon which is very mustard, and lovely, about 2.5m I think
  • A vintage cotton (or maybe poly) - not my usual style but still lovely
  • Another sheer fabric, think this is a higher cotton content though, about 4m of this 
  • The last piece I don't remember picking up! It is a stretchy poly shirting maybe (I need to learn about fabrics more I think) and there is about 1m 
I just want to thank everyone who came again, I apologise for the venue mix up but I think it worked out ok in the end!
What did you all pick up? 


P.S. I have updated my fabric stash page! 

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