Tuesday, 7 June 2016

To Do List 5


How gorgeous is the weather?! Not a day to be sat at my desk but hey I need the job to fund the fabric fetish I seem to have!

So here are the things I have got done this past week:

  • Seamwork Osaka photographed (and worn successfully)
  • Seamwork Osaka blogged (here)
  • Costs updated for Seamwork Osaka
  • Bought navy blue thread
  • Bought 9.5'' zip
  • Sorted fabric for fabric swap
  • Sorted patterns for fabric swap
  • TATB Delphine V3 is fully sewn up
  • TATB Delphine V3 is photographed (albeit rather badly)
  • Simplicity 1364 is muslined (twice), cut, adjusted, and nearly finished (I am in love!)
Not a great deal scratched off really, 9 out of 38 but I spent most of my time on Simplicity 1364 which I cannot wait to get finished! 

Here is this weeks list:

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