Tuesday, 28 June 2016

UFO Letting Go


The sun has got his hat on! You know the rest...

Hayfever has also got good game this morning - fun!

Anyway I am here to talk about unfinished objects - UFOs

Do we all have them? I do!

My to do list yesterday is littered with them, so last night I decided to finish some.

Mat and Basket for my Momma to go with the bits I made her for Mothers Day

Well, two. Which took less than 15 minutes each so no idea why I didn't do them before.

And then I thought I would move on to the final two Colette Laurels that have been lurking since I cut them in March. And then I realised I didn't want to. After the many failed attempts at Laurel I have had enough! They are relegated to the naughty step (AKA a compartment in the wardrobe hanger thingy) and I am not sure when they will be released. I just don't want to sew them, so why bother? I know it is a waste of fabric (boo to that bit) but sewing is a hobby, a way to enjoy my free time so I am not going to sew something I don't want to. They are officially removed from my to do list.

Also, so is my 2nd version of Tillys Miette.

It is only awaiting hemming. But I don't like it. The fabric is too sheer, I was hoping for a floaty summery number, what I have is frumpy and something you would have found in M&S years ago.
Removed. I would like to try salvage this fabric at some point as its yum but it was only £1/m so I am not going to cry too much!

12 things knocked off my to do list because I don't want to do them - feels oddly freeing - I really need to get out more.

The lovely Bea, with whom I had the pleasure of meeting at the fabric swap I organised sent me this on Instagram last night - amused me, my science geek game is as strong as my hayfever today...

Laurel, I am looking at you...all 6 versions
Do you feel guilty about banishing UFOs to UFO heaven?

Thanks for reading,
Kristy xxx

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  1. I try not to give up on projects, I try to make them work. If they don't work then they can spend a while in the bottom of what my friend calls the Wardrobe of Doom. Then after 6 months or a year I'll take them out and have another go at making them work. But sometimes, after all that fail I just accept that I've fallen out of love and in Elsa's immortal lyrics, I let it go, salvage anything re-usable, and put the fabric in the scraps bag. You're right, it's very liberating!


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