Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Tilly And The Buttons - Delphine Skirt V2

Hello Again,

I am throwing out the posts today, this is not a long one! And sorry for bombarding but I want to get them out of the way before I forget.

First up, apologies for the mirror selfies - the BF seems as bad at taking photos as I am, I will get round to doing something about it but as this is such a simple make I think it doesn't make too much difference!

yeh not great....and my hand looks HUGE!
So this is the TATB Delphine skirt. This skirt was my first make on this blog - here. I traced the pattern then, and altered it - much less A-line so I thought I would sew up again...and I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo glad I did.

This fabric creases like hell but what a dream to sew, I got this cut and sewn in about 2 hours and I am in love, creases and all!

It doesn't fray so the insides are not finished

And I used just a normal zipper foot not a concealed zipper foot but I don't think it matters

I am still in love and hoping the weather at the weekend is nice enough to wear!

I squeezed this pattern and I have cut Simplicity 1364 out of 1.5m of this fabric as I loved it so much!

More on that coming soon I hope!

Anyway, I am done with posts for a few days at least!

Enjoy your week!

(P.S. It is so satisfying crossing off a lot of my list in one go!)

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