Monday, 20 June 2016

To Do List 7

Happy Monday!

So, supposedly it is the first day of British summer...and it's definitely correct then! Grim!

It has been very slow on the sewing front this week, I have been basically just lazy but hey, here's to another week!

This is what pitiful amount I got done this week:

  • Finished sewing Simplicity 1364
  • TATB Megan/Lilou Mashup - zip ordered
  • TATB Megan/Lilou Mashup - fabric cut
  • TATB Megan/Lilou Mashup - lining cut from fabric, self lining meaning didn't have to buy any lining fabric (my wardrobe cost page will love this! This dress takes less than 2m fabric, hope I love it!)
  • I have sewn all the darts of this TATB Megan/Lilou Mashup, the neckline and armholes so it is coming together nicely!
So I only managed 5 out of 44 last week (11% - rubbish!)...I am aiming for much better week this week! I have a quiet weekend ahead so I am hopefully going to forge some headway into this weeks list. 
I really want to make a good make from the TATB Megan/Lilou Mashup dress, my bias binding on S1364 is horrific and shameful, definitely want to master this skill, as well as the invisible zip and this being my first lined garment so I am taking my time and determined to have a good dress! 

I also really want to work on getting some of the re-occurring small things on here off - but I am sure pretty fabric and patterns will overtake...sigh...

Here is Week 7!

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