Monday, 6 June 2016

Seam work Osaka V2


After really enjoying making and loving the end result (albeit a bit too formal for what I like wearing) I quickly got to making a second version of the Seamwork Osaka but this time in denim.

I made a few changes to the pattern though, I taped the panels together at the seam allowances so there were just three main pieces and not six, meaning no seam running across the middle of the skirt. As was making in one fabric it just seemed an unnecessary task. I also decided I didn't want it to be reversible as on my black version the lining peaks out a teeny bit. So I drafted some facings for the inside - I thought lining with denim may be a bit too heavy and was low on fabric.

Very non smiley picture for some reason!
This was made immediately after my other version but sat waiting button holes - my machine does not like button holes so after some frustration and being sick of seeing it on my To Do Lists I hand sewed them

I am a total convert to hand sewing them with a simple blanket stitch - easy and a finished skirt! At last! Hurrah!

It is lined with the black smudge fabric from my failed collette laurel so least I haven't lost the fabric completely!

Thanks for reading as nd I am sure you will see more of these skirts!

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