Thursday, 28 July 2016

The Skirt of 6 Mistakes


I have the Friday feeling even though its Thursday! Three day weekend with one of my closest friends is looming. She has never been to London before, or ever been on a train on her own at 31 year old so it should be an experience her even getting here! A weekend of tourism and I want to show her some sights and some cool things to do so should be fun. Will mean no sewing though - always a downside to things!

Last Friday I started this skirt. I was planning on making another Seamwork Osaka out of this lovely seagull lined I bought aaaaages ago. When I bought this I really didn't know what I was buying so only had a metre. I did think this would be enough if cut it like I did my denim one, i.e. without the middle seams just 3 straight I started cutting.

I wanted to pattern match as much as possible...

Mistake No1 - Pattern Matching Fail
Didn't realise there was a strange pattern, the seagulls are separated by different numbers of red stripes. It was already cut before I realised I only matched up one line of seagulls. If I had have realised though I wouldn't have had enough fabric anyway!

Mistake No2 - Cutting the wrong pattern pieces
Instead of using the original pattern to cut out I used the traced pieces which I thought was the pattern for the 3 pieces instead of 6...I had actually cut out the lining pieces that attach to the facings not the outer this point I wasn't happy. but I really like this fabric and wanted to muster on. 

''Ok, it will have to be shorter than I thought, I just hope isn't indecent''

Then realised it won't wrap over as there was side seam facing too as you can see on my denim version below...

So I decided to use the back piece as the front of the skirt and the two front wrap pieces to make up the back and make a simple short skirt with a back zip.

It definitely needed lining so cut the facings for the bottom edge so no lining would peak out and
cut out this cute polycotton from my craft fabric stash for the lining

Mistake No3 - run out of lining material - make sure have enough lining to actually line the skirt before cutting. I didn't have even nearly enough.

This is the other part of the lining.

Mistake No 4 - even more terrible pattern matching at the zip.

Mistake No5 - somehow putting the zip in wrong with the lining and having zip ends showing. On a plus side the zip lays really flat at the other end.

Mistake No6 - forgetting to add darts.

I mean what the actual f*** was wrong with me on Friday?

So I added darts to this sits low on my hips - I never wear short tops so I am hoping this is less indecent but I am not sure I will wear it - maybe on holiday?

And yup this photograph is taken at a silly angle cos I really didn't want to put a bra on and do my hair/makeup on Sunday! Total tramp I know, but hey, what are Sundays for??

Not sure if I can bend over in this skirt without ensuring I have had a wax first. TMI? Sorry!

I have added this to my wearable list, for now. It may get removed if I don't wear it on my next holiday.

Thanks for reading about my mistakes!

Have a great weekend :)


  1. Oh dear, well done for saving this I would have just binned it :-( Try wearing it with leggings? Saves the modesty! X

    1. I didn't think of leggings - that may be a good call!

  2. It is heart-breaking when it goes wrong with a great piece of fabric. Congratulations on persevering.

    1. Not sure it paid off though, I may refashion it, or wear leggings as Fiona suggested!

  3. Oh no! What a pain that is so frustrating! Such a cute print too.
    If you don't wear it after this summer maybe a total refashion into something completely different? A tote bag / toiletries bag / kitchen tea-towels

    1. My other half suggested tea towels actually! I like the idea of a toiletry bag though!


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