Friday, 1 July 2016

Fabric Shopping 7

Happy Friday peeps!

I have a day off - yayyyy! And the fella is away so I have been out to play - and by play I mean fabric shopping! 

I sorted all my fabrics last night onto magazine boards and it freed up so much space! 


I have to say I wasn't as impressed with what was available as I normally am but I still came away with a few lovelies:


This is a heavy-ish cotton with quite a bit of stretch - this is destined to be a Tilly and the Buttons Arielle that I bought yesterday. I got 1.5m for £2/m


No idea what fabric this is, it's a jersey back but lovely crinkley front - no idea but was £2/m and I got 1.5m. I want to make another cashmerette Concorde


This is a knit type fabric - it's a loose comfortable knit and if I can get this to be another Concorde I think I will wear the sh** out of it. Got 1.5m at £3/m


This is yum! It's is a crepe, assuming poly at £1.65/m - I bought 2.5 and this will be a fancy pants dress - it's utterly gorgeous so just need to decide on the pattern!

A very budget friendly trip with a total spend of £16 including two new spools of thread!

My big night out tomorrow has been cancelled so I won't be wearing my new dress to get some pics (I am very unhappy - my dancing shoes definitely needed dusting off) but hopefully I will have something photographed to show you soon!

Have a good weekend!

(Ps I have downloaded a new app for blogger so all of this has been written on my way home from Walthamstow on the bus - hope it works out ok!)

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