Monday, 25 July 2016

To Do List 12

Happy Monday!

How do they roll by so quickly?! My weekend was pretty uneventful, I was meant to be at a wedding on saturday by the other half was ill so we couldn't make it - was quite upset as wanted to see the gorgeous bride but these things happen.
I also didn't manage to get any nice pictures of the skirt I made for said wedding so will have to use the selfie ones I took whenever I blog it.

I didn't get much done sewing wise this week but here is the completed list:

12. Wedding skirt photographed (badly)
16. Made a plan of using stash fabrics
18. Downloaded chefs hat/apron patterns for kids
19. Bought ziplock bags to store fabrics in
- I also made a (kind of) Osaka skirt from my seagull fabric but that is a whole blog post to come.

4 out of 19 from last week - 21% - not too bad I don't suppose but it was a very short list - that has certainly changed....

I said I wasn't going to add my plans to my To Do List but I just couldn't help myself, it really helps me focus. The plans can change but I like a good list! 

Eeeshk last week was 19 on the list - this week 159!

I have decided to not join in on the Simplicity Bloggers Challenge. The dress looks wayyyy above my confidence levels and if I am being totally honest it is not a pattern I would have picked out anyway so I made that decision the other day.

I am not sure when I will blog another to do list - I have a friend staying Friday to Sunday so nothing will be going on at the weekend so I doubt much will get done and the weekend after we are having a Gin Party - excited!

Thanks for reading!
Kristy xxx

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