Tuesday, 19 July 2016

How To Use My Fabric Stash

This post is just a plan, organising my ideas into one place and by no means an extensive addition to #kristystodolist!

But these are the ideas floating around, but right now this is how I see me using my stash...which means I can end my fabric diet! In real life and not in the sewing world, as soon as I say 'diet' I crave chips, chocolate and pies and as soon as I have said 'fabric diet' I am craving Walthamstow, crepe and novelty prints! So I need to execute some self control and sew up a storm.

Here is the plan:

First up - the patterns I have already used before

An underlined TATB Delphine - *should* be a quick make as made before.

A seagull Seamwork Osaka, will have to concentrate on pattern matching at those seams.

I think this would make a gorgeous TATB Miette - it is just the right weight. But I don't know if I have enough of it with 1.5m. It may also need a lining so a bit more time consuming.

Simplicity 1364 - these should be a really quick make but I want to have a go rotating the dart on the pattern. I have LOTS of the turquoise so may attempt to rotate the pattern and try a wearable toile in that first before cutting the black and white.

I think this would also make a great Simplicity 1364

Cashmerette Concords -excited to see the end results of these

I have not made these patterns before so will take more time:

TATB Margot Pajamas from Love at First Stitch book - I have lent the book to a workmate so this cannot go ahead just yet but should be a straight forward make, except tracing the pattern looks a bit of a ball ache!

Seamwork Wembley would look good in these two ponte knits I think. The stripe maybe a bit thick though for a cardigan and be more jacket like.

These were bought with a Colette Aster in mind so would like to stick to that plan.

 I want to make this into a maxi skirt - I think I will try a quarter circle maxi like the one on the By Hand London site found here.

This was bought for a TATB Arielle so will stick to that.

I recently bought New Look 6123 off of eBay. I bought this pattern as when I finally get engaged I want to make my bridesmaid dresses and I really liked the look of this pattern (I am jumping the gun I know!) so I wouldn't mind having a go of it for myself and this gorgeous crepe would do the trick I think.

Right so there are the loose plans for 17 pieces of fabric. At my current sewing rate that will take me to about 2019 I think to get finished!

Well, like my To Do List every week this has actually given me some much needed motivation, hopefully won't be too warm in my flat tonight to do some cutting.

As always, thanks for reading my ramblings.
Kristy xxx

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