Monday, 4 July 2016

To Do List 9


Such a lovely day! But it may not last I suppose, good old British weather.

I have had a productive week on this to do list!
The list has been considerably shortened by letting go of the projects I just don't want to finish as decided last week:

Projects let go:
TATB Miette V2 (Numbers 1-4)
Colette Laurel V5 (Numbers 23-26)
Colette Laurel V6 (Numbers 27-30)

This removed 12 out of 44 on the list.

Things I actually finished:

5. Finished mat for mum
6. Finished basket for mum
7. Posted mat and basket to momma
8. Cashmerette Concord sewn
9. Cashmerette Concord photographed
13. Handbag interfacing cut
25. Simplicity 1364 V1 photographed
35. TATB Megan/Lilou mashup pattern amended@shoulder
36. TATB Megan/Lilous mashup photographed
41. Ordered fabric boards
42. Organised fabric onto boards - this gave me more space and allowed me to go fabric shopping - again
43. Added notes to fabric
44. Ordered more muslin fabric - I order poly-sheeting from here, always had amazing service and it does the job great!
- next projects - plan quiet books - I have actually made a start on these, this is going to be an ongoing slow project until xmas, I will probably write a blog post at some point but will not bore people with regular updates on this

So all together I took 25 out of 44 things off of my to do list - 57% - brilliant!

I also have cut a circle skirt out of some fabric I do not think I have blogged!

But here is this weeks list:

26 feels much more manageable now I am rid of the UFOs!

Here's to a productive sewing week :)

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