Thursday, 14 July 2016

My 2016 Sewing Challenges - A 6 Month Review


The weekend is in sight guys! And it is a lovely sunny day - bonus!

Just realised how British my first line of this blog always is - a weather update! I will try rectify at some point. Promise.

As we are half way through the year I thought I would give an update on the challenges I set myself back in January for the rest of 2016 which can be found here.

Fair warning there will be no new pictures on this post, just me warbling on. I also will not be linking my way through as it will be a pretty boring task - my successes are all linked on My Wardrobe page and my fails are in all their glory on My Fails page.

Challenge 1 - Perfect woven top.

I have attempted this one quite a lot. Colette Laurel failed - many times (not linking all the way through as its boring). But I do love the Simplicity 1364 and will be attempting to make a few more as soon as I can I think. I am not calling this a success yet though, lets see how further attempts go and I will let you know...

Challenge 2 - A wearable skirt

I think I am getting there - I love both my Seamwork Osakas. I also love my gingham skirts, the Miette and the Delphine. I now have acquired the TATB Arielle pattern and can see me making that too so this I will say is already a success! Yay!

Challenge 3 - A wrap dress

The only part of this challenge I have got to is buying the Cashmerette Appleton and printing it muslin it is on #kristystodolist. I will get there.

Challenge 4 - A shirt.

I own the Colette Aster. This is as far as I have got.

Chellenge 5 - Sew a vintage pattern.

Big fat tick! I did say I would count a reproduction as a vintage pattern and the Simplicity 1364 counts as that.

Challenge 6 - Sew using jersey/knit fabric

Another big fat tick! Cashmerette concord. I am eager to sew some more up. Just not so eager to cut the actual fabric, was a nightmare.

Challenge 7 - Sew a fancy dress

As in fancy pants dress not haloween fancy dress. Not done this yet but i have the perfect fabric lined up.

Challenge 8 - Sew a fly zip

I am not sure I am gong to get this done. It will involve buying a new pattern and fabric and I am on a stash/pattern diet for the time being but I am not going to worry too much about it, my sewing career will get here eventually.

Challenge 9 - Sew with leather

This has been on #kristystodolist for aaaages. I bought a leather coat, ripped it up, bought a handbag pattern and all the hardware. I have cut the lining fabric, I have cut the interfacing. I have yet to cut the leather or sew with it - I am a bit scared but I should think of how scared I was to use jersey and that worked out fine! I just need to crack on with it.

Challenge 10 - Upcycle into a garment.

Hmmmm well I bought a charity shop skirt, made it wearable. I have also bought the leather jacket above and hopefully will become a handbag. I am not sure if this is classed as upcycling? Do I need to be more adventurous?

In conclusion: 3 definitely done. 3 have been attempted or are in progress. 3 I have plans for just not yet started. And 1 I cannot see getting done this year.

Not too bad with 6 months to go!

Thanks for reading!
Kristy xx

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