Monday, 18 July 2016

To Do List 11


Did you all have a great weekend? I spent tSaturday catching up with two friends; one is moving out of London as she is now officially a Doctor (and I couldn't be more proud of her) and one was visiting from the Netherlands and was amazing to catch up. Me and the Mr then went for a curry - pretty perfect Saturday! Yesterday was spent sweating in my flat doing boring domestic stuff and doing a little bit of sewing. I actually feel quite relaxed today despite a restless sleep due to the heat!

Not lots done this week really:

14. Wedding Circle Skirt sewn up
15. Wedding circle skirt seams bound (this is a bit of a lie but will explain on my blog about it)
16. Wedding circle skirt is hemmed
20. Baking paper bought
21. 2016 Challenges blog update

5 out of 23 done - 22% is not too bad!

So here is to this weeks!

Have a lovely week people!

Lets see how many of these I can get done! 

Kristy xxx

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